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November 24, 2012 / Jon Ericson

Are you prepared?

Let me be honest for a moment: I’m not really sure there are twins coming. Sure, Joy is in the visually uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and I’ve seen ultrasound images, but that’s just some strange observations to my lizard brain. My rational brain has put together the pieces, but so far the main emotions I feel are concern for Joy and hope that Joshua will benefit from having some siblings to be partially responsible for. So, to answer the question I put in your mouth, “No, I’m not at all prepared”.

Baby "B" (a boy)

Our church had a shower for Joy. I hung out with an old friend who was visiting from the bay area with his two daughters and my son at a park. It seemed odd that Mike kept looking out for his girls to make sure they were safe, until I realized that that’s what you do with toddlers and preschoolers. In the next few years, I’m going to be worried about inquisitive youngsters wandering into traffic or falling off of park equipment. At least with Joshua, I lacked the knowledge that I could successfully raise a child.

Baby "A" (a girl)

Now that we’ve gotten a bunch of gifts for the nursery and Joy’s sister has painted the walls (pastel green and purple), it’s been my turn to assemble Ikea furniture. I recalled the preparations for Joshua and how everything seemed so safe compared to what my parents used. The new changing table has even more heavy-duty braces and even heavier-duty warnings. Industrial design can reduce, but not eliminate accidents.

This time, we are going to put earthquake straps on everything. We hadn’t done that enough with Joshua, for some reason I don’t recall, and he nearly crushed himself trying to climb our dresser. The only reason we avoided a trip to the emergency room, or worse, was that our bedroom in Pasadena was so tiny the dresser hit the foot of our bed. We heard the crash and found him safe, if terrified, in a dresser lean-to. You’d think he’s learned his lesson, but when he was showing off the twins’ dresser in the nursery this weekend, he pulled out all the drawers and the whole thing tipped over. This time we can thank Jeni for more than just painting.

If, the good Lord forbid, Joy went into labor today, we’d be totally unprepared for that. And paradoxically, we’d be as prepared as we could ever manage at the same time. When our new additions come (and it hardly seems right to imagine what their coming will be like), we’ll adjust.


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