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May 18, 2014 / Jon Ericson


Recently, the twins learned about affection. Or rather, they learned to imitate it. If I say the word “kiss”, Kathryn will turn to peck me on the lips (complete with a wet “smooch” sound). Isaac, meanwhile, has adopted dozens of babies, which is to say, everything that he enjoys hugging he now calls “baby”. Anything he enjoys holding and/or throwing is a “ball”. Somehow his vocabulary (and development in general) advances more quickly than his sister’s. They take turns with separation anxiety, however. This is Isaac’s moment to throw fits when we hand him to strangers.

Easter 2014

Kathryn, however, remains our world-class snuggler. She clutches most anything with gusto: blankets, stuffed animals, Duplos, shoes (especially Joy’s), her bottle, and, most gratifyingly, people. Joshua and I have tested how long she will cling to us without support. (We haven’t timed her, but it’s got to be close to a minute.) Our male twin can be convinced to snuggle too, if he’s tired and nothing more exciting is happening. Yesterday, all five of us had a few moments of quiet together. Joy and I had brought the twins back to bed and Joshua flopped down between us. Very quickly, we devolved from that pastoral scene to a broiling bed of zerberts and laughter.

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